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The Prevent Strategy


Prevent is in place to safeguard individuals and communities from the threat of radicalisation, extremism and terrorism. This relates to all forms of extremism and terrorism.


Prevent focuses on early intervention before any illegal activity takes place. The aim is to stop people becoming or supporting terrorism or extremism. Prevent does not aim to criminalise people for holding views; instead, it seeks to stop individuals from going to the extreme of committing or encouraging violent activity.


What is extremism?


Extremism, in a political or religious sense, would be an ideology that is considered by most people to be far beyond the accepted mainstream of society.


What is radicalisation?


Radicalisation is the adopting of exteme (political, religious or social) views by an individual or group. If a person or group decides that fear, terror and violence are justified to try to achieve radical ideological, political or social change, and then takes action accordingly, this may be considered violent extremism or terrorism.



People talk about extremism and radicalisation and you may wonder what they mean and how it affects you.

Speak to someone you trust at home or college about your worries, or speak to someone in confidence at Childline.




To safeguard against vulnerable people being radicalised, a referral can be made into the Channel process. Channel is a national initiative but operates on a local basis. Further information can be found on the West Sussex Safeguarding Children Board and the GOV.UK websites.


Reporting concerns


If you become aware of an individual you feel is vulnerable to radicalisation, suspect someone is being radicalised or encouraged to support terrorism, or you are experiencing pressure from others regarding this, talk to someone you trust or the Sussex Police Prevent Team: To talk to the Prevent Co-ordinator or the Prevent Officers call 101 and ask for the Prevent Team

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